When learning a language abroad it is vital that the right linguistic region be chosen.

Avila, in Castile, at the foot of the Central Mountain range is, the highest City on the peninsula, with many hours of sun and also one of the cleanest and with the purest air in the whole of Spain. It is quiet, cheap, with a dry and healthy climate and a good geographical position which enables you to discover a lot of Spain.

Of Celtic origin (VII century B.C.), Avila was in the Middle Ages one of the most important cities on the peninsula. It is the ideal place to lose yourself in a Medieval voyage of meditation and inner-self discovery. A voyage to the past, in its streets, its monuments, its walls… and a voyage to the future with its people. A quiet and relaxed city that facilitates learning.

Letras Castellanas has established itself in Avila so as not to betray the teaching spirit and the quality which all language tuition must have. In this city, the purity and clarity of the pronunciation will give you the perfect linguistic context for learning or furthering standard Spanish and you will enjoy the many advantages of living in a friendly city, with a great historic and artistic richness, centralized and with few tourists.

Avila is an artistic jewel; a larger than life granite museum in the heart of Castile where Castilian or Spanish was born without the influence of other languages, dialects or Spanish phonetic varieties. A total linguistic immersion in the purest Spanish.