5 hours of class daily

Small groups. All levels

Active and pleasant learning

Accommodation with local families. Friendly and pedagogic teachers.

Total linguistic immersion in purest Spanish (Castellano)

Communicative teaching

Personal treatment and a familiar environment

In a lively city, where the pronunciation is perfect, without dialects, without tourists, cheap and easy to integrate into

Our spanish intensive courses guarantee an effective and progressive way of teaching that give you the possibility of taking the official exam of the Ministry of Education (DELE).

We take the best from each method of teaching and apply it in the most suitable circumstances and we always bear in mind the specific needs of each student. Composed of five hours every day and lectures and complementary activities some afternoons.

Furthermore, you can opt to participate in the Cultural courses if you so wish. The average number of students per class is 4 which is a guarantee of being able to learn. There are Courses throughout the year and they begin on the first Monday of every month (students with previous knowledge can begin on any Monday).

There is a classification test on this Monday in order to correctly place the students at their proper and correct level. The price of this course includes work material, Diploma of Attendance, information on what to do in your free time, lectures, complementary activities…



It is a necessity and quickens the learning process. You will learn to use it as an instrument for communicating, not as an end in itself. We teach you grammar as the base upon which communication in Spanish is constructed.


Oral and written comprehension: We analyse the linguistics elements required for the optimum development of the communicative process: reception and production. You will learn to understand and to communicate within each socio-linguistic situation.

We won’t just define the meaning of words but also their cultural significance, because “¡buenos días!” and “¿qué tal?” both serve as a greeting but in which situation is it better to use one instead of the other? or “¿por qué los cantantes cantan y los pies también?”.

With the learning of a foreign tongue, the receptive skills develop more than the expressive ones so we adopt teaching methods that activate your communicative capacity so that the learning is all-embracing. It is more than anything else about doing something with the Spanish that you learn than simply learning about Spanish.


Languages are learnt through speaking. Through the use of what you have learnt in class, your actual capacity for spoken Spanish will manifest itself. The teacher will always correct your mistakes and explain clearly your doubts.

The conversation class serves to reaffirm everything that you have learnt and to acquire oral fluency. We help you to lose the fear of talking so that you have more security in your ability to express yourself.


To round-off your learning with different activities such as Lectures, Games, Spanish films, Discussions…They are included in the price and are always in the afternoons.


To learn spanish more quickly and in a more individualized and personalized manner. The teacher of spanish places special emphasis on those aspects which cause you most problems.

There exists also the possibility of doing this course with 2 or 3 friends in which case there would be a reduction in price for each student. All Lectures and Complementary Activities are included.


We reduce the price for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Professionals or groups in general who want to learn under special conditions. Course date, timetable, content, activities and excursions are adapted to the group requirements.


Coming soon


These courses, which expand your knowledge of the Spanish, will be held in the afternoon. However, they are not compulsory. A minimum of 4 students is required.

  • Dele: prepare and practice intensively official exams of Instituto Cervantes
  • Spanish Art: Avila is a living museum, carved from stone that the student will enjoy discovering. Furthermore, we will study the most important periods of Spanish Art.
  • Writing Workshop: in this course, directed at intermediate and advanced students we will look and practise at the different types of written communication. The course is eminently practical with exercises and examples.
  • Spanish Civilization: Geography, Politics, Society, traditions, customs, modern History and present day themes form the contents of this course. You will discover the secrets of a Nation: Spain, which has always been a mixture of many cultures. Rejecting the simple and superficial platitudes that are often heard about Spain you will come to understand why “Spain is different”.
  • Conversation: to accelerate and develop your oral skills. To manage to augment your fluidity through practice.
  • Business Spanish: For those who need a specific knowledge of Economic and/or Legal Spanish. We will deal with the actual economic situation here in Spain and at the same time place special emphasis on the language and commercial writing style. The programme is flexible according to the interests of the students and this course prepares our students for the official exams of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Diploma in Commercial Spanish).
  • Phonetic Workshop: to fine-tune pronunciation and intonation.
  • Auditorium Workshop: here, we take a lighthearted look at Spanish songs and lyrics and analyse them.
  • Literature: Literature helps you to know and judge the essence of a culture. You will learn what it is to be “un Quijote” because the self same Miguel de Cervantes will be one of your classmates and José Zorrilla will tell us the significance of being “un Don Juan”. You will also be sharing the classroom with Nobel prize winners such as Aleixandre or Cela and brilliant authors like Unamuno, Lorca or Alberti who will take you to the summit of Modern poetry and the complex thinking of modern Spain.


For teachers who want to recover their contact with Spain or with the language and to refresh their knowledge and get up-to-date with what’s happening nowadays in Spain. It takes place with 6 participants or more. Ask for details.