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Letras Castellanas
Cursos de español en el corazón de España... ¡al mejor precio!
Letras Castellanas
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Letras Castellanas
El español con simpatía


Spanish courses and accommodation at excellent prices without sacrificing quality.

At Letras Castellanas our aim is to teach Spanish to students of any age who want to learn without having to pay too much. Our costs are low. This is our philosophy and also the reason for our attractive prices.


The communication between the student and the teacher is constant.

The spanish students are the protagonists of your own learning, the teacher is another class member, the team leader.


The atmosphere is easy going and familiar, everyone knows your name.

Learning is so much quicker when the environment is relaxed and personal, that’s why one of our principal objectives is to “break the ice” from the very first day in class.


An animated dynamic.

Our relaxed and friendly methods will interest you and motivate you in such a way that you will become involved without realising it.


Our way of teaching rejects monotony.

Pleasure is the opposite of boredom, not seriousness. Instead, we prefer to believe that learning should be enjoyable and profitable which guarantees you great results.


You will progressively learn to speak Spanish

You will learn it through speaking, remembering and using constantly what you have already learnt.


It embraces all the linguistic fields

Special attention paid to grammar, pronunciation, comprehension and oral.


Adapted to each student.

The students are able to make proposals or suggestions about the rhythm of the class or about activities in the school.


  • To be able to understand the global information of spoken and written messages through the many different linguistic situations that we find ourselves in.
  • To produce spoken and written messages thus ensuring that the communication is both fluid and satisfactory.
  • Acquire a clear and general overall concept of the linguistic and grammatical elements on which Spanish as a foreign language is based.
  • To read in a comprehensive and autonomous manner, texts which have been adapted to each level.