Letras Castellanas is a meeting point for people from everywhere. The school is functional and friendly.

Letras Castellanas is situated in the region where the purest Spanish is spoken.

In this city, the purity and clarity of the language will give you the perfect linguistic context for learning or furthering standard Spanish and you will enjoy the many advantages of living in a friendly city, with a privileged historic and artistic richness, central and with few tourists.

It is a school with a familiar atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and will have the benefit of an enjoyable and profitable learning experience.

We offer professionalism and personal treatment.

There is a small Library where you can study, consult or read reference books or just relax with a newspaper or magazine; there is a Patio where you can talk with teachers and other students while you sunbathe or have a cup of coffee. Sitting-room, where you can rest while continuing to learn Spanish since you can relax, listen to music…, and all this around the coffee that the school prepares. There are other many possibilities such as watching a video, listening to music, playing “parchís”…

Our students are granted a Certificate of Attendance in which we specify the date and duration of the courses.

DELE Diplomas, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, accredite the mastery and fluency of Spanish. If these interest you we will provide you with all the information as well as practice papers from previous exams.